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Örökrózsa Leterniterose
Örökrózsa Leterniterose
Örökrózsa Leterniterose
Örökrózsa Leterniterose

A whimsical gift that will dazzle your eyes – and your loved ones

L’Éternite Rose is a special and enchanting handmade ornament. This stunning crystal dome contains in its interior a unique natural rose that will maintain its beauty for over one year, like a piece of a Fairy Tale at your fingertips!

Inspired by the most bewitching tales of fondness and magic, this fascinating rose was created to represent the eternity of our most noble feeling: love.
Be it the warm and tender love for a friend or family member or the romantic love for your soulmate, there’s no better way to bespeak your feelings than a magical gift that will thrill their warmest thoughts and dreams.

The meaning beyond the beauty

This very special rose stands for the timelessness of feelings. It represents the eternity of love through its mystically long lasting beauty, that won’t cease like the other roses. Unique and eternal, like your feelings for this special person.
One single seamless rose that says much more than dozens of bouquets could ever express.

  • Little eternal rose cubes box

    Ft 18 000
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  • Scented Eternal Rose Glass in Heart

    Ft 14 900
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  • Örök Rózsa nagy koczka dobozban

    Large eternal rose cubes box

    Ft 24 900
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  • Közepes örök rózsa kocka dobozban

    Medium eternal rose cubes box

    Ft 12 900
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  • Kicsi örök rózsa kocka dobozban

    Little eternal rose cubes box

    Ft 7 900
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